Sermon and Messages Choosing Your Life’s Control Pattern (Episode 2)

Choosing Your Life’s Control Pattern (Episode 2)

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When Christ is in control

This is the stage of our lives that I want us to stay in forever. Nothing compares to being in Christ, where you can freely enjoy the riches of the Earth and even interact with the Father as His rightful child.
Isn’t it wonderful that you have authority over both heaven and earth? It’s amazing that only when someone has influence over your life; everything else is under your control. Being an heir of the Most High brings with it an indescribable delight, Hallelujah.
But, as it turns out, the devil isn’t a fool who quits up easy. Even the Bible warns us to be on the lookout for his tricks. The Devil is aware of your blessings and is willing to take them away; he wants you to be like him (which means you also lose your birthright).

You may lose the war unconsciously until you realize that you are constantly fighting the devil.

To avoid being influenced by the flesh, you must make the Lord, His Word, and the Holy Spirit your dearest friends. Being in the body is not something to be particularly proud of, and it even prevents us from properly appreciating our influence over other aspects of our lives.

So, how can we relinquish control to God?

  1. Renewal of mind on a daily basis.
  2. Reading and meditating on God’s word
  3. The act of praying
  4. A friendly relationship with God
  5. Fellowship with brethren who can impart Godly insight.
  6. Following His directions.
  7. Speaking to Him and listening to what He has to say.
    Don’t be fooled into thinking that being a Christian has no value if you live your life casually.

These are some of the advantages of following Christ, remember that you are in Christ when you surrender control of your life to Him.

  1. We are no longer being judged.
  2. We are guided by the spirit rather than the humanistic body.
  3. We are adopted as God’s sons.
  4. Because we love Christ, everything works out for us.
  5. We have dominion over the devil and the forces of darkness. We are no longer subject to his anguish; instead, we have subjugated him.

When the flesh decides to take control once more

The fact that we’ve surrendered to God doesn’t mean the devil will give up on us; in fact, he’ll be more determined than ever to pursue us. He knows you’ve risen above him, so he’ll try to drag you down so he can control you the way he wants, but don’t give in to him; keep praying and keeping an eye on him.

But it’s not the end of the world if we make a mistake and go back into sin. Just because you fall doesn’t mean you should stay there; don’t feel guilty because you strayed from Christ; the only thing you should do now is run back to Him; he has been waiting for you to return from the moment you left, and believe me when I say he will gladly receive you.
The fact that we fall into sin by accident does not mean that we have become bad Christians; all we need to do is return to Him, stay near to Him, and create a more warm relationship with Him than before; He is not a man who would abandon us because of our wrongdoing.

In the event that we fall, we need to do the following:

  1. True repentance and confession
  2. Return to the secret altar
  3. Don’t give room for fall again. Always pray without ceasing and keep vigilance.

God is not a man who gives up on people so readily. He adores you and want to have you as His forever.
I’d like to implore you to never feel guilty because you’ve sinned. Even after you’ve confessed your sins and repented, the devil may come to you and try to convince you that your misdeeds are unforgivable, but don’t fall for his ruse; you’ve been forgiven completely by God, and heaven holds no grudge against you.
Do a daily check of yourself, beloved, to ensure that you are still in Christ. Redemption is a daily process; you must renew your thinking and push yourself to be closer to God on a daily basis.
May the Lord grant us the grace and perseverance we need.

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