Sermon and Messages Choosing Your Life’s Control Pattern – Blessing Akinyode

Choosing Your Life’s Control Pattern – Blessing Akinyode

Choosing Your Lifes Control Pattern Blessing Akinyode 1

Being a believer isn’t enough to be saved; you must also have control over your flesh, which proves your salvation and determines who will be behind the wheel of your life.

Only once you’ve mastered the body can you proclaim yourself a conqueror. There is no difference between a believer and an unbeliever who still walks in flesh. We should be aware that because we were born in flesh, it will continue to rule unless we allow the Spirit of God to rule through us.

Yes, you have the power to choose who is in charge of your life. It is your choice that will determine the course of your life. Just acknowledging who you choose to follow can make or break you. It’s entirely up to you, but because of my love for you, I would advise you to let Christ take the wheel, as he is the only one who can calm all storms.

This study will assist you in comprehending what it means to be controlled. There are three rationales for being controlled:

  1. When the flesh is in charge,
  2. When Christ is in charge, and
  3. When the flesh decides to take control once more.

I’d want to share a story with you before I begin. Isn’t that funny? It’s more like a folktale.
Unbeknownst to him, a young child lives with his grandma and is a royal. He is assigned to a slave who sends him on errands and uses him in any case. However, on a critical day, when the king arrived to see his son and the prince learned of his true nature, he seized authority and began commanding the slave instead.

Taking the story at face value, the boy represents the believer, the slave represents the devil, and the king represents our creator, God.
This is exactly how a believer’s day-to-day life looks like. There was a period when we were unaware of God’s love until we learned about it and began to respond to it.

When The Flesh Is In Charge

There are two components to this type of control.

The first is when we have no knowledge of redemption. Where we haven’t heard of Christ and haven’t given Him a chance. The devil is stealing a lot from us at this time; remember that the Bible says the devil only comes to steal and murder.

The second portion is that when a believer is unaware of his identity in Christ, he is under the devil’s power. Some of us have been saved, but we don’t know Who We Are in Christ, or what our privileges as children of God are, and the devil takes advantage of this. This is completely incorrect, because as children of the Most High, we should be the ones in charge of the devil, right? Also, I’d like to remind you that as long as you’re ruled by your flesh, you’re still a slave.

Most believers are unaware that they are under the devil’s power. Even though you name yourself a believer, if you are still under the spell of sin, you are still a slave to the devil. And he will continue to persecute you and deny you your status as a legal child of Christ until you are delivered.

Here are some examples of how we inadvertently walk in flesh:

  • Dismissing immorality and asserting that it has nothing to do with Who We Are in Christ. Don’t you realize that you will show the world what you have inside of you?
  • Treating honor as if it were unimportant. It is incorrect to assume that just because you are a wonderful man of God, you should not appreciate other believers.
  • Fear of preaching the gospel. This is one of the most effective ways for the devil to control us. Some people will say, “I can’t face someone and preach the gospel; I don’t even know how to preach to people,” but you know how to gossip about people, talk about football, fashion, and other topics.
  • Believing that some sins, such as lying, are unavoidable, despite the fact that the Bible tells us that we can be righteous.

This is the time to exercise our inheritance and turn to Christ, allowing Him to take control of our life

So, how do we go about doing it?

All we have to do is confess our sins, accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Saviour, and then give Him our life. Yes, it’s simple, but it requires genuine determination. It only takes one easy move to improve your life and regain your birthright.
And maybe its because you don’t know who you are in Christ. Pray to God, make room for the Comforter and keep His Word close to your heart.

Pray to reclaim your birthright; enough is enough; you cannot be fooled any longer. Stop treating yourself as a slave while you are a prince, don’t waste your birthright. Let the world see the glory of your Father in you. Make your soul happy by choosing the best identity for yourself.

By the end of the following two weeks, we will have completed the next set of rationales.

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