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Yair Levi & Joshua Aaron – HOME

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The renowned award-winning, Messianic Jewish singer and songwriter “Joshua Aaron” is here with another song that speaks message titled “HOME“. You’ll be blessed.

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Lyrics: HOME by Joshua Aaron

Home, Home
Come, Home

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(Lean efneh) לאן אפנה
(Rachum v’chanun) רחום וחנון
(Lean efneh) לאן אפנה?
(El Artzi) אל ארצי
(Aniat libi) עניית ליבי
(Ahuva sheli) אהובה שלי

(Rak achshav) רק עכשיו
(Bli tochniot v’dimyonot) בלי תוכניות ודמיונות
(Bli avar b’tselekot) בלי עבר וצלקות
(Eleyah) אליה

Home, Home
Come, Home


Where will I go?
To find rest for my soul
Where shall I go?
Searching for my land
The longing of my heart
My love ever grows

Here and now
Running forward to the past
To you
With everything I have
To You

She said it’s more than just a nation
Your faith is on a new elevation
This is your home boy
This is your home

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I say it’s my destination
This place is calling me, come back
This is your home boy, This is your home

“וְשָׁבוּ בָנִים, לִגְבוּלָם”

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