Sermon and Messages The Message – Reconciliation With The Father

The Message – Reconciliation With The Father

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There is always a sender and receiver for every message. But, as far as I can tell, a communication is meaningless if the recipient doesn’t completely get it or isn’t on the same page as the sender about its meaning or utility.

Reconciliation- The Peace Between Human And God

Christ came to earth to reconcile us with God after we became estranged from Him. We were able to escape condemnation as a result of Christ. God sent us a message via Jesus Christ, which we, the Christ ambassadors, are proclaiming, but many of us don’t grasp it. Please understand that I am not condemning us; we shall all continue to grow in Christ until He returns.

To be recognized as a child of God, we must first reconcile with the Father and then ensure that we help many others reconcile with the Father by sharing the gospel with them. Paul told us in 2 Corinthians 5:18–19 that we have been given the gospel of reconciliation, which means we are to reconcile people to the Father. Some have even lost sight of their status as heirs to God’s kingdom.

God sent Jesus into the world in order to reconcile us (humans) to Himself. Consider how nice it will be to talk to God as a friend for a minute. Some people misunderstand this message, believing it is exclusive for Christians. You are mistaken if you believe this. This message is for everyone, regardless of their faith or gender. Strive to tell everyone about it; don’t keep your salvation to yourself; sharing is a means to demonstrate your sincere love for others, just as the Father has done for us.

Have we been so lost that we believe we will never find our way back to Christ? Is there something you’re doing that makes you think God doesn’t want you in His presence? Is guilt consuming you to the point where you must choose whether to continue in sin or return to Christ? No, you only need to return to Him. He’s been waiting for you, and He loves you too much to throw you away. Return to His embrace. Allow yourself to be deceived by the pleasures of vice.

Reconciliation steps are as follows:

Confession: When a person admits his or her wrongdoings, he or she is said to have confessed. Confess your sins in order to flourish.

Repentance: This is turning away from sin and ego and back to God. Being transformed in your convictions and deeds in response to God’s love. Turn to God and repent of your wrongdoings.

Forgiveness: The act of pardoning an offender. When we let go of animosity and any claim to compensation for the harm or loss we have experienced, we forgive others. We should learn to forgive others as our Heavenly Father forgives us for our transgressions.

Amendment: Improving our way of life with Christ through reforming ourselves to become better.

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