Sermon and Messages The Foundation – Christ, Our Solid Rock

The Foundation – Christ, Our Solid Rock

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Before we begin, let me ask a few questions. Is it really necessary to put on foundation? Is the foundation’s quality truly indicative of a building’s strength? Is your life’s foundation important in determining how strong you will be during your journey? Do we believe we’re God’s structure? Remember, we are God’s temple, according to the Bible. Isn’t it common knowledge that a building’s foundation must be sound in order for it to last?

Is your foundation, as a believer, based on Christ Jesus, the firm rock?

I’m sorry to tell you that our Christian life already has a comma unless our basis is solidly based on Christ. Please understand that I am not passing any sort of judgment. With Christ as our foundation, we will confidently face and bear the hardships of life. Remember what Jesus stated in His words: “A man who does as He says and hears him is like a man who built a home and dug deep and set the foundation on a rock: and when the flood came, the stream beat furiously upon that house, and it could not be shaken,” because it was founded on a rock.

Constantly dwelling in Christ’s teachings is what will enable us to navigate through stormy times on earth unscathed, for the foundation is what determines whether the building will remain standing or fall down. Your spiritual foundation is crucial to your existence as a Christian, both here on earth and in eternity. Following God and yielding to his knowledge allows you to develop a strong foundation based on God’s principles. Building a solid spiritual foundation entails investing, evaluating, and ensuring that the foundation is upheld in accordance with God’s laws.

We need a greater understanding of who Christ is. Some Christians only know Christ because their pastor or a Man of God told them about him; nevertheless, this should not be the case. As Christians, we should have a personal encounter with Christ, study deep into His word to better understand Him, and most importantly, develop a personal relationship with Him.

There are good foundations that their structures have issues with, such as a crack or something produced by a mistake; yet, as long as the foundation is sound, the building may be changed and remain strong.

I’ll use that incident to illustrate what can occur on our life’s journey. There may be times when you wander from God, become overwhelmed by sin, or experience something else that causes your relationship with God to suffer. Today, believe me when I say that you can modify your ways, repent, and seek for forgiveness and the Lord is waiting to welcome you back into His arms, remembering that He is a loving parent.

And for those who don’t know who this solid rock is, I’m delighted to inform you that it’s Jesus. He wants you to come to Him because He loves you. Please accept Him right now

How can we build our lives around Christ?

  • Pursue the Holy Ghost’s company.
  • Belief in the Lord and trust in Him.
  • Take a sacramental serving.
  • Consistent and quality prayer life
  • Fasting.
  • Observe the law.
  • Study the scripture.
  • Love and serve the Lord.

Making Christ our foundation has many advantages. Hallelujah, we have the possibility to live eternally with the Father because we have received the Father through Him.

I pray that the Lord would strengthen our resolve to be faithful to Him.

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