African Gospel Songs Team Eternity Ghana – Ghana Chant

Team Eternity Ghana – Ghana Chant

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The renowned African Christian music team of praisers and worshippers whose songs have blessed lives “” perform a song of praise worship which is titled “Ghana Chant“. This track, released in 2024 from the album collection titled Testimony, is a captivating and inspirational addition to any music enthusiast's collection. The tune “Ghana Chant” carries a powerful message and a mesmerising melody, making it a must-listen for all. Feel free to stream the mp3, watch the video, and sing along to the heartfelt lyrics.

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Song Lyrics: Ghana Chant by

Verse 1
Eee eee eee
Tetekwaframoa Nyankopɔn no Ɔte ase ampa ara
Ahene mu hene ee Dɔmbarima Nyankopɔn eee Kantamanto, Agya ee Agya ee
Wone nea Wone na Wote ase ampa ei ei Anyame mu nyina ara Nyame ne Wo Okokroko, Ahuntanhunu, Judah mu gyata Wona Woka a ɛba mu o
Wohyɛ nso a agyina o Ɔkasaprɛko Nyame no no Ayɛbiafo, ɔpomponi Nyame eee Twereduampɔn
Onyame a yɛtwere no a yɛmpanhwe da Wodin ne Yehowa
Wodin ne Yehowa Rapha aa Shekinah
Tsidkenu El-Shaddai
Twereduampɔn Nyame no no Jehovah Adonai
Ade nyina ara so Tumfo ei Elohim
El Olam

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