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Social Club Misfits – Act Of God

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The Christian hip hop duo from Miami, Florida made up of rappers FERN and Marty Mar, as they are popularly known as Social Club Misfits from 2012 until 2016 comes through with a song titled “Act Of God featuring nobigdyl.“.

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Lyrics: Act Of God by Social Club Misfits

Came a long way
Got a lot to lose
Nothing left to prove
Throwing up the 2s
Everything is fine
Everything is cool
Looking at my life
It’s an act of God

I never thought I would make it this far
I know yea
It’s an act of God
Never thought I’d make it this far but I did
It’s an act of God

I know a couple friends who lied that said they was praying for me
Had family stab me in the back they went Jason on me
That was training for me
He got a table for me
I know the devil came to steal but you can’t take this from me
What you think this was
Covered in the blood
I came from the dust
This won’t win a Dove
But they know what’s up
This no lil bro
I know my God’s enough

It’s an act of God
I used to act a fool
But now I act in movies
Actually I’m just makin’ moves
We still makin’ music
Tell you ‘bout my past
To secure my future
I’m all in my bag
Flow like a computer
That’s a humble brag
There’s a difference when you realize where God has brought you from
Turn them L’s into lessons I hope they taught you somethin’
Then you turn ‘em to W’s now you onto somethin’
God will take you to places, but you need Him to function
Never forget

I was supposed to be dead
Demons around me and under my bed
I filled a gun up with lead
Selfish ambition put it to my head
I pulled the trigger it didn’t go off
I looked at the minister didn’t show interest in gettin involved
I’m losin’ my head like a Kennedy enemies all around I heard infinity callin out
I don’t deserve it, I wrote my curses in cursive
I threw a brick and denied it
I took the fruit and then tried it
I had offended a lion
My heart was covered in iron
Now my hearts covered in Zion
That’s an act of God
Why I magnify Him

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