Gospel Music Sipho Makhabane – Usizi

Sipho Makhabane – Usizi

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This song is birthed and was performed by the renowned South African Pastor, Sipho Ngwenya, as it is titled ”Usizi“, and was released in 2007. This beautiful song, accompanied by a stunning music video, audio, and lyrics, is sure to captivate listeners of all ages. Don't miss out on this beautiful musical experience.

Artist Name:
Mp3 Song Title:Usizi
Produced by:Ringo Mkhari
Year of release:2007

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Credit for the creation of this outstanding record goes to the skillful Ringo Mkhari, who seamlessly fuses diverse elements to craft a captivating sonic journey. The collaboration between Ringo Mkhari and , produces a seamless synergy that will undoubtedly leave fans yearning for more.

Lyrics: Usizi by Sipho Makhabane

Usizi Nkosi yami (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Sekugcwel'izinyembezi (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)
Baba usizi emhlabeni, Baba (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Sikhuleka kuwe Nkosi (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)
Jesu sikhale kuwe thina (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Yizwa Nkosi yami, yizwa Baba (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)

Sekugcwel'usizi Nkosi emhlabeni
Yebo siyakhala Nkosi yami, silila kuwe
Sengibon'abadala nabancane Nkosi yam bayalila
Ngoba sekugcwel'usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni

Jesu siyakhala, Nkosi siyakhala thina (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Sizwele Nkosi yami (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)
Baba sal'usizwela thina (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Nkosi sizwele thina, sikhala kuwe (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)
Siyehla siyanyuk'ezintabeni (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Sikhala kuwe Baba (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)

Kugcwel'izinyembezi Baba kulomhlaba esiphila kuwo
Siza Nkosi yam usizwele thina
Sesiyakhala kuwe

Sigcwel'izinyembezi, siyakhaa Nkosi yami (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Siguqe ngamadolo Nkosi yami (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)
Sehla senyuk'ezintabeni, sikhulekel'ukuthula (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Kodwa ukukh'emhlabeni (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)
Siyakhala Baba (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Siyalila Nkosi Yami (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)

Sibek'emazulwini Nkosi, sibek'emazulwini
Baba silind'impendulo, silind'impendulo

Usizi Nkosi yami, lugcwel'emhlabeni Nkosi (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Yizwa Baba, yizwa Nkosi (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)
Ngithi yizwa Baba, yizwa Nkosi yami (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Siyakhala kuwe Baba (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)

Zigcwel'izinyembezi emehlweni (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Yizwa Baba (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)
Maye lugcwele Baba (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Maye lugcwele Baba (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)

Siding'impendulo Baba (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Siph'impedulo Baba, yizwa Nkosi (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)
Siding'impendulo Baba (Usizi Nkosi yami emhlabeni)
Baba sizwele Nkosi (Yizwa Nkosi ukukhala kwethu)

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