Gospel Music Sipho Makhabane – Hlala Nathi Jesu

Sipho Makhabane – Hlala Nathi Jesu

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This song is birthed and was performed by the renowned South African Pastor, Sipho Ngwenya, as it is titled ”Hlala Nathi Jesu“, and was released in 2012. This beautiful song, accompanied by a stunning music video, audio, and lyrics, is sure to captivate listeners of all ages. Don't miss out on this beautiful musical experience.

Artist Name:
Mp3 Song Title:Hlala Nathi Jesu
Year of release:2012

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Oh Jehova sibawoti
Aw hlala nathi Jehova

hlala nathi Nkosi yami
(Ungasishiyi baba endleleni yethu) hlala nathi msindisi wami
Noma bufika ubunzima (aw hlala)
Noma kufika indlala (nami Nkosi)
Hlala nathi Jesu, ungihole Baba (ngihole' Jesu ngize kuwe)

Hlala nami (hlala nami)
Hlala nami (hlala nami Nkosi yami)
Wemsindisi wami, sekufikubunzima (hlala nami msindisi wami)
Ngohlala kuwe Nkosi, ungangishiyi Baba (aw hlala nami Nkosi)
Ngihole' Jesu ngize kuwe

Hlala nami
Hlala nami nkosi yami (hlala nami )
Hlala nami msindisi wami (endleleni yami kunzima )
(Ngiyakucela baba wami ) aw hlala nathi nkosi
(Ngiyayakucela baba) Ngihole Jesu ngize kuwe

Kungakho ngithi hlala nami) hlala nami Nkosi yami
Ngethembele kuwe (hlala nami msindisi wam)
Oh hlala nami Baba (aw hlala nami Nkosi ngihole Jesu ngize kuwe)
Ngiyading'esakh'isandla (hlala nami nkosi) ngibambe Baba
Ngize ngifike khaya (hlala nami msindisi wami)
Aw hlala nami Jesu (aw hlala nami Nkosi ngihole Jesu ngize kuwe)

Endleleni kunzima Nkosi (hlala nami Nkosi yami)
Kumnyyamendleleni, kufikindlala (hlala nami msindisi wami)
Hlala nami Baba (aw hlala nami Nkosi ngihole Jesu ngize kuwe)

Zihamb'izihlobo zami (aw hlala nami Nkosi)
Bang'shiya bangani bami (ngihole Jesu ngize kuwe)
Zivuk'izitha endleleni (aw hlala nami Nkosi)
Ungihole Baba (ngihole Jesu ngize kuwe)
Kunzim'endleleni yami (aw hlala nami Nkosi)
Ngihole Baba (ngihole Jesu ngize kuwe)
Ngihole Jesu (aw hlala nami Nkosi)
Ngihole Jesu (aw hlala nami Nkosi) aw Nkos'yami

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