Gospel Music Foreign and International Gospel Songs Shirley Caesar – Don’t Drive Your Mama Away

Shirley Caesar – Don’t Drive Your Mama Away

Shirley Caesar Dont Drive Your Mama Away

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The popular Award-winning American gospel singer, songwriter and recording artist whose career has spanned seven decades, Shirley Caesar is on again with this beautiful song which she titles “Don’t Drive Your Mama Away”. You’ll surely love it.

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Lyrics: Don’t Drive Your Mama Away by Shirley Caesar

…There was a mother that had two sons
One of the boys was interesting in his self
This son loved his mother so very much
He said mama one day I going to grow up and going to college
I’ll going to be somebody
I’ll going to take care of you mama
Like you been taking care of me
That other brother he was no good he stayed in trouble all the time
Mama always had to go to court and get the boy out of trouble
But I am told tonight those boys grew up
One went to college
That no good son left home
That old mother worked her finger to the bone
And sent that boy to school
She gets on her knee and scrub floors
She took in washing and ironing
I want my boy to be somebody
After about 8 long years
That some came back home
He said mama I am a doctor now
I got MD behind my name
I want you to meet my wife
I met her while I was in college
She is a school teacher mama
Yes she is
They told that mama we want you to come and live with and help raise our children
The years went on by
I wish I had a praying church
And that the children grew up
One day that school teacher went to her husband
She said honey your mama is in the way now
She gets in the away around the house
She uses bad English I don’t want it to rub off on my little children
I think you ought to put her in a old folk home
Somebody say yeah…
Let me tell you what he did
The doctor went to his poor mama
He said mama…
So me and my wife been talking and she seem to feel that
Mama that you’re getting in the way around the house
We don’t have anything else for you to do
You using bad English we don’t want you to rub on our children
I am going to take you to an old folk home
Yes I am
Somebody say yeah…
I got to take you to an old folk home
Well that mother turn around and went back into her own room
Tears running down her face
She began to pack all of her clothes
The devil came and whisper in her ear
See there old lady
Look at all you done for that boy and now he about to throws you out the door
The mother kept on crying
Early the next morning the some came and knocks on the door
He said Mama get your stuff together the limousine is waiting outside
The mama reaches back and got her hat and coat
She walked outside the house
She got in that long long long
She got in that long limousine
Yes she did
They started down the road
Mama just kept on crying
Every now and then the doctor looked back at mama
He said, mama in your room out there
I wish you help me out there
You’re going to have a color TV
You will have nurses around the clock
You going to have everything that you want
That mama kept on crying
Mama I’m sorry I got to do this
I go to put you in an old folk home
The mother turns and said with tears running down her face
She said son I could understand
If I was sick and could not help myself
But there is nothing wrong with me
Doctor said I know but I got to put you in an old folk home
You understand me and the wife
About the time they almost got to the old folk home
That mama looked down the road
About the time the car got closer
That mother said wait a minute wait a minute son
I believe that I saw my boy going there
They got out
Greeted on another with a kiss
That no good son said mama how have been you doing?
I was on my way home to see you
I was on the say to tell you
I do not do what I use to do
I stop by a church on night and I got the holy ghost
Stay in
Then he turned around and saw his brother
He said brother where are taking my mama?
I got to know where you going with mama
And the doctor said now waits a minute
After all you’ve been gone
And I am the one who been here taken care of mama
Say, in case if mama did not tell you
I am a doctor now
I am somebody
In just in case if you want to know something else
I’m tired of mama praying, moaning and groaning in her bedroom
Every time when my friends com to the house
Well we on our way to the old folk home
That no good son of said did you say you are taking mama to the old folk home?
He said yes
Wait a minute. Mama
I do not live in fine home
Listen mama
I got one good room
You could have my bed
But come on and go home with me mama
Mama I don’t eat steaks
I eat beans and green potatoes and tomatoes
Yes I do
If that is all right with you
You don’t have to go the old folk home
Come on and go home with me mama
Mama. I am not riding in a long limousine
My car is not much good
But I got a good seat right by there
Come on and go home with me mama

I’m no stranger, don’t drive me away
I’m no stranger, don’t drive me away
If you drive me away
You’re gonna need my help someday
I’m no stranger, don’t drive me away

God gave you your mama
Don’t drive her away
God gave you your mama
Don’t drive her away
If you drive her away
You’re gonna need her help one day
I’m no stranger, don’t drive me away

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