Gospel Global SEU Worship – Monday Morning Faith

SEU Worship – Monday Morning Faith

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The renowned Global Christian music team of praisers and worshippers whose songs have blessed lives “SEU Worship” perform a song of praise worship which is titled “Monday Morning Faith“. This song is sure to bless your heart and uplift your spirit.

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Lyrics: Monday Morning Faith by

I want to meet with you more than Sundays
I want to know more than just my mother's faith
Cuz that's not enough, to get through the rough, oh I need a Monday morning faith

I want to hear you in more than just one way
show your voice in all of the mundane things
You're in the in between
You're in my everything
And that's all I really need

My soul sings in the morning
I love the king and He loves me
All that I'm compelled to bring
Is my everyday offering

Your mercies new every morning
I come alive as You're calling
All that I'm compelled to bring
Is my everyday offering

Let my worship be more than just singing
When did music become a religious thing
Let these songs be what they're meant to be
The sound of Your church awakening

Help my heart to keep up with the Heavens
Where the angels sing 24/7 praise
You're more than enough, to get through my rough
You're teaching me Monday morning faith
And that's all I really need

Hell's not scared of a Sunday faith
If it only leads to an empty praise
What really makes darkness run
Is when saints arise and praise in quiet
on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday
To know You, to love You, to choose You first
On Thursday & Friday & Saturday
To see You, behold You in worship singing

Hallelujah, Holy Holy
Glory to the King of Kings
Hallelujah, Holy Holy
All honor & glory belongs to You

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