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SAVIOR – Jeremy Camp & Social Club Misfits

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A song from the American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter from Lafayette, Indiana. Jeremy Thomas Camp and Social Club Misfits songs have always been of great blessing to people’s lives with the help of his ballad rock beat. This song is titled “SAVIOR”.

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Lyrics: SAVIOR by Jeremy Camp

Uh I’m looking around
There’s nobody else coming back for me now
A king with no crown
Who do men say that I am, His hands are scarred by the nails
The blood that fell
That washed my sins away
Guilt and shame
I’m proof that God is real
Cause I’m still here today
I’m not leaving till I’m done
Their fingers pointed at me
They hate the way I love the ones who don’t look nothing like me
And I might be the villain, to the world so they attack me
But angels all around me, you don’t gotta worry ‘bout me

I need a savior (savior)
I need a savior (savior)
I need a savior (savior)
They’re telling me that You could be the One

Surrounded by darkness
Even if I opened my eyelids
The shame was unbearable
Like look at what I did
Momma crying, inside I know that my father dying like how could this happen
The road that I traveled was lonely I promise, and I’m just being honest
I tried to make it on my own, but I needed a savior
Just to save me from myself (ugh)
And wouldn’t take any days off
His life for mine was the payoff
So I go hard never lay off
Eternally grateful, (ugh) when I needed you most you came through

Can You save me from myself
Will You take this call for help
Can You save me from myself
We could use a little help

Lord I can’t do this by myself

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