Top Christian Songs Ryan Stevenson – Take Me Back

Ryan Stevenson – Take Me Back

Ryan Stevenson Take Me Back

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The American gospel musician and instrumentalist “Ryan Stevenson“, who primarily plays a contemporary Christian music and worship style of music brings to us a song pop song as He calls this song “Take Me Back“ from the Weathering the Storm EP.

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Lyrics: Take Me Back by Ryan Stevenson

Take me back
To the moment when
I was filled with your spirit
I was born again
Take me back
To the secret place
When I encountered your mercy
And my life was changed

You wrecked me
In a puddle of tears I was undone
You showed me
How much I’m loved

take me back
Where it all began
You were my first love
You were everything
Set my heart on fire
Like it was back then
When I first believed
won’t you
Take me back
Take me back

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Take me back
To all the times
You woke me up with a whisper
In the middle of the night
Whatever you were asking
It was yes and amen
Can it be that way again

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Give me back the
Re-ignite the flame
Help me find the tender heart
That I lost along the way
Give me back my brokenness
Give me back my tears
Help me find the child-like faith
That faded through the years

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