Gospel Music Foreign and International Gospel Songs Ringing Them Bells – TBN UK (Junior Garr)

Ringing Them Bells – TBN UK (Junior Garr)

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Here’s a song which was hosted by the talented worship artist JUNIOR GARR recreates ‘Ringing Them Bells (Mary & Martha) for Black History Month, and featuring exclusive interviews with guests including Karen Gibson MBE, Lawrence LJ Johnson, Nicky Brown, and Noel Robinson. It’s a song that would motivate you the more.

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Spirituals are a group of songs, also referred to as Negro spirituals, or African-American spirituals. This is because they originated among enslaved Africans in the United States.
This is a one-off special programme from TBN UK, honouring October as Black History Month in the UK.

Lyrics: Ringing Them Bells by TBN UK

O Mary, O Martha, O Mary, ring dem bells.
O Mary, O Martha, O Mary, ring dem bells,
I hear archangels a rockin’ Jerusalem,
I hear archangels a ringin’ dem bells.

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Church gettin’ higher! Rockin’ Jerusalem!
Church getting’ higher! ringin’ dem bells. [Refrain]

New Jerusalem! Rockin’ Jerusalem!
New Jerusalem! ringin’ dem bells. [Refrain]

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