Universal Gospel Princess Peters – Agbon

Princess Peters – Agbon

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Here's an amazing song and music lyrics from the versatile Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, recording and performing artist, ““. It's a song titled “Agbon“, and was released in 2024. This beautiful song, accompanied by a stunning music video, audio, and lyrics, is sure to captivate listeners of all ages. Don't miss out on this beautiful musical experience.

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Mama, what I've seen in this life runs deep.

I thought that the kindness in my heart would be reflected in the people I associate with.

But there is so much envy among people, mama. Life is truly deep.

Even the simplest steps you take can make others jealous.

Many turn to evil practices just to bring someone else down.

There is so much gossip to hinder others' progress.

Listen, you fools.

The wealth you are fighting for won't follow you when you die. You'll leave it all behind.

Repent, for the end of the wicked is not good.

Think well and repent, so that the sword of God does not strike you down.


Touch and leave that's this life for you

Avoid causing trouble for others, life is too short

I didn't realize I made my enemy my friend things started happening dramatically.

I was unaware that the true threat was hidden beneath the surface.

Be wary of your friends, for your enemies don't know your secrets.

The friends you trust the most could turn out to be your worst enemy.

The friend we were together yesterday summoned me in public and revealed all our private conversations

They gossip, Princess Peters is too proud and arrogant, but why wouldn't they, when they can't feed or live without having my name on their lips

They gossip, someone else writes my songs. If those people you claim writes my songs are so talented, let them write for themselves and get famous.

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