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People & Songs – Divine Exchange Ft. Mary Grace, Wesley Nilsen & May Angeles

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Here’s a song from the community of believers that exists beyond the bonds of music, who do write songs, lead worship, and travel, both independently and together as a team. This song is titled “Divine Exchange” by the People & Songs originally written by Jennie Lee Riddle, Jennie Lee Riddle Music, Charity Gayle and Melanie Tierce, Tent Peg Music, and Brandon Collins, Memory House Music.

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Lyrics: Divine Exchange by People & Songs

On the cross, hung my pain
And the guilt, and the shame
Jesus bore my suffering
To the grave to make me free

Oh, the blood that was shed
It now flows to cover sin
It washes clean and purifies
In its healing crimson tide

Jesus, He took my place in divine exchange
Hallelujah grace is mine
Now I will live by faith for the One who Saves
He gave all to give me life

His Spirit is my present help
I’d be lost all by myself
He resurrects, He sanctifies
He takes His power and make it mine

I lay down all lesser things for greater gain
He is alive inside of me

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