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Pat Barrett – Long Way Home

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The renowned and primary singer/songwriter for the band Housefires, Pat Barrett is a worship leader at Grace Midtown in Atlanta, GA. This song is titled “Long Way Home”, as it was released alongside its video. You’ll be blessed with this song.

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Lyrics: Long Way Home by Pat Barrett

Got a fighting chance
And the landscape looks familiar
But I’m looking for a place I’ve never seen

And I’ve made mistakes
And I know I’m only human
And no one gets it right without a wrong

And I’m on my way walking in circles
A cloud by day leading me onward
Thought I heard You say
We’re taking the long way home
Taking the long way

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A fire at night lighting the shadows
Moving along little by little
Thought I heard You say
We’re taking the long way home

I’ve played my hand
And they say it’s all a gamble
But I’d rather lose than know I never tried

Look how far we’ve come
Caught a vision of the future
Laughing out loud while we pray for better days

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Its two steps forward and one step back
It’s a past regret and a second chance
It’s yelling at the sky while He says it’s worth the wait
I hope it’s worth the wait

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