Christian HYMNS Our Heavenly Father Understands (Mp3 & Lyrics) – Hymn

Our Heavenly Father Understands (Mp3 & Lyrics) – Hymn

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Here's a beautiful Hymn by the well-known prolific hymn writer, as this Hymn has been a blessing to lots of lives since it was brought to the world. The hymn song was performed by Acapeldridge.

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Lyrics: Our Heavenly Father Understands ()

I need the prayers of those who love me,
I need the prayers of those who care;
I need the help of every Christian,
to take God's message everywhere.

I cannot walk the stright and narrow,
without my Savior's guiding hand;
He'll light the way and make it fairer,
for all the faithful in the land.

Verse 3: He'll hold your hand when you are dying,
give strength to cross the Jordan wide;
He'll help you answer at the judgement,
if in His love you will abide.

He answers prayer for all the faithful,
He holds the future in His hand;
He'll guide us safely over Jordan,
our heavenly Father understands, understands.

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