Gospel Entertainment NEWS: Danny Gokey Shares New White Chair Film

NEWS: Danny Gokey Shares New White Chair Film

Just recently on social media, Danny Gokey talks about as he has collaborated with I Am Second, and together they have released a new white chair film.

“I'm super excited to be sharing with you guys my brand new white chair film from I Am Second” Danny said in a video. “I'm sharing my story, but I'm going deep into the story. I'm going deep into the questions of why do we pray, yet God doesn't answer the prayers that we want Him to answer? And we're left in this area of devastation, and how do we pick ourselves back up after that? And also, what about when we see everyone else who seems perfect around us, yet we're dealing with these struggles of anxiety, and how we don't measure up?”

You can watch Danny's new white chair film by going to https://www.iamsecond.com/seconds/danny-gokey/.

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