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Here's a renowned song by the American Christian rock band from Seneca, South Carolina, United States. They are together called “NeedToBreathe“, as this song is titled “West Texas Wind” from their 2021 released album called “INTO THE MYSTERY“.

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Lyrics: West Texas Wind by NEED TO BREATHE

It's dark and it's quiet in my house tonight
Babies are all gone to sleep
It's hard to imagine a better life
Than the one I get to lead
I had a glass of wine but my mind is clear
These walls they talk to me
Don't blink an eye, you're a young man now
But you won't always be

My blood and my bones
My heart and my hands
They try to hold all of this in
But I'm running to you like a west Texas wind
Singing God I need you, oh how I need you
God I need you again

I've learned to hide my fear in my bones
My body don't shake like the kids
But I'm easily scared and often confused
I rarely know what I did

I've made mistakes, and even worse than that
I've hurt the ones that I love
I wish that peace would find me here
But it seldom ever does

I'm in the shadows of Heaven and Earth
Maybe they should be the same
But my Earthly body is bound and conflicted
And I'm left feeling the pain

This house is not our only home
You can't protect love with stone
God I know you can hear me
So please come near me
I'm ready to let the world go

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