Gospel Global MUIGAI WA NJOROGE – Mawega


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Here's a song by the African prolific music artiste and talented singer ““. This song is titled “Mawega” featuring Jay Melody, as it was released alongside its video. You'll surely enjoy this one.

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You and I has journeyed together, I will tell my story .
I will repeat the words you always told me, and encouraged me when almost dieing.
You encouraged me when I was young, When poverty
Had pressed me down,
And you told me the only thing you don't know
Is which isn't and won't be.

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Am not too low nor too high, you have divinely held me,
I will be with you in my growth , and proceed to my alleviation. Until you command your goodness to overwhelm me.

Our friendship is built on communication, you adress me personally,
You speak to me In my sleep and as I walk forth.
You once did it in a strange village, seated on the bed.
Urged me to go running hence saving my life.

You stuck by me in kawangware when I was misled by a certain group, you came through and scattered them before they snatched my faith,
It was painful to see my friends die, with the desire of being set free,
But upon questioning you told me , that they will all perish before me.

My God I have never prayed for wealth, my only plea was food, due to starvation even clothes were not part of plan,
I was comfortable in one clothe, sleeping hungry was as well a good routine,
Eating and having something in excess always amazes me.

If asked to choose between you God and money
I would happily choose you, I can't compare you with anything,
Seeing my mother in her own house and I am blessed
Knowing you is not wastage of time ,
May you reveal yourself to your people ,

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