Gospel Music Gospel Rap and Hip-Hop Montell Fish – Momma’s Interlude

Montell Fish – Momma’s Interlude

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Here’s a song by the Global prolific music artist and talented singer and rapper ““. This song is titled “Momma’s Interlude” as it was released alongside its video.

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Montell: so yeah, man, back to this love thing
You know what i’m saying, the bible says, in john 3:16
“for god so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Friend: man, i like the sound of that, man
You know what i’m saying
This world man, man this seem like shooting everyday, man
I go outside, man, i hear gunshots, i check my phone, man
Somebody else died, man
You know, man, i’m really starting to believe this jesus, man
You be talking about, man
How do i get him into my heart, man?

Montell: man, the bible says, “confess with your mouth and believe with your heart that christ is lord, and you shall be saved.”

Mother: aye, aye boy you better, aye boy, you better clean your room
Up there, up there ministering and what not
Aye, i’m proud of you, but you better clean that room, though
That bedroom looking ferocious

Montell: that’s my- i’m sorry that’s my mom, right there
But yeah man, all you got to do is repent and believe, man
We all came to this world as sinners
The bible says we was born in sin, shaped in iniquity
Man, and the only thing you can do, to get rid of that, that weight of sin, is turn to man
He’s the only one that’s going to satisfy you
Only one that’s going to show you real love, man
He loves you, man, with everything he is, man
He gave his life for you
Now why not want to live for him?

Friend: man i do, man

Montell: so repeat after me
Dear heavenly father, i thank you
I thank you that you would pay that price for my sin
That i couldn’t pay it for myself
But i had to have one that was sinless
A sinless sacrifice to come down in my place
Now, father, i ask you to come into my heart right now
And touch me on the inside
That i would know you
That i would hear you
And that i would know that i’m your son
I pray that your holy spirit would come fill me right now
That, o god, that i would come
Preach the good news of your love all around the world
Father, i need you
This world ain’t got much time left
Father, i need you
So i just lift my hands to you, god
And i just say, “take me home”
And show me what love is
In name, amen
I’m proud of you man!

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