Gospel Global Mission – Do It Alone

Mission – Do It Alone

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Here’s a song by the Global prolific music artiste and talented singer ““. This song is titled “Do It Alone”, as it was released alongside its video. You’ll be blessed as you listen.

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Lyrics: Do It Alone by

Hook: They ain’t wanna come do it with me so guess I’ll do it alone/ for someone who never doin nothing you always doing the most/ I ain’t have much coming but some how staying a float/I was told you wanna have real faith well then step out the boat

Verse 1: Gone win the racing I’m pacing/ running the past it’s Jason/ only get one don’t waitse it/ love for my granny she gracious/ you got a problem then face it/basic/ colder then ice I’m Skating/hey look in yo soul it’s vacant hey/none of them fools gone make or break me/ aye
Cold outside went half on a heater/ birds in the trap gone sing with Aretha/ talk about God dont bring up the evil/ I want to fly I seek out the eagle/ went to the book and hit up the Hebrew/ never discussing the secretes between you/ I was on time gone talk if I need too/ some of them prayers I just had to bleed through

Verse 2: Fresh out the hood need a visa/ look in the eyes of the reaper/ looking in the sky for a teacher/ I gotta find what I’m seeking/ I’m passing go I’m not passing no judgment/ did everything they said that couldn’t/ said I was off and you knew that wasnt/ gotta be me and soon im buzzing / Ima get to it and ain’t needed a feature/I’ll never be thirsty don’t act like I need ya/ I’ll never be Percy I still keep it p/ I link with the master no limits on me/hmmm hmmmhmm yea boy what you mean I got heaven on me hmm hmmm yall act so think I’m watching tv

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