Universal Gospel Merveille Kabeya – O’Kumama

Merveille Kabeya – O’Kumama

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Here's an amazing song and music lyrics from the talented inspiring Gospel worshipper and artiste, ““. It's a song titled “O'Kumama“, and was released in 2024. This beautiful song, accompanied by a stunning music video, audio, and lyrics, is sure to captivate listeners of all ages. Don't miss out on this beautiful musical experience.

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Lyrics: O'Kumama by

(English Version)

Creator of all things
The one who makes the sun rise
The giver of the breath of life
The beginning and the end of all things
The one who solves problems
The God of the impossible
You fight all my spiritual battles
And the results manifest physically


I was in suffering,
you made me blossom
I was in tears,
you dried them
I glorify you, you deserve all the glory
I lift you up, you deserve all the glory 2x

Couplet 1:
Dream Maker , be exalted
Winner of my battles, be exalted
Excellent Doctor, be exalted
Champion of surgery without scalpel
Father of orphans, be exalted
Supporter of widows, be exalted
Heritage of my children, be exalted
The one who heals wounds in our hearts
My assurance
Jesus, my hope
You are my victory
My miracle
My invincible
My incomparable
Admirable, counselor
My unchanging
My immutable
My faithful Jesus

Couplet 2.
The God of the unprecedented, it is you who accomplishes what has never been done
The God of God's deeds, let me testify to your blessings
The God of kindness, I have come to sing of the Goodness that I have witnessed
The God of preservation, it is you who protected me by your grace
Why should I boast?
A balloon of air, a balloon of air that I am Just a balloon of air, this balloon of air comes to testify to your goodness
This balloon of air comes to offer you thanksgiving
You have kept me alive, I come to give you glory
A song is rising
The desire increases
The praise increases
The love increases
The trust increases
(2x) I promise you, Jesus,
I promise you, my dearest elder
As long as you keep me alive, I will sing for you more than I do today.

Couplet 3.

David, grab your guitar
Come and let's sing to The God who takes someone from the bush and sets them on a throne
He deserves this song,
He deserves this honor
He lifted me out of disgrace
He lifted me out of suffering
He lifted me out of sin
He lifted me out of slavery
He lifted me out of the curse
Jesus, my conqueror (victory)
You know my heart
The answer to my questions
For whom else shall I sing?
I limit myself to you alone
The God of my plans, oh Yahweh
You hold my future in your hands

We lift up the resurrected one of David,
we have nothing more precious than those who are no longer with us.
So we come to say Thank you,
we come to express our gratitude before your throne of grace.
Accept us, Lord

Receive The Glory My God

We are saying Thank you

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