Universal Gospel Lusanda Beja – Wazithwalizono

Lusanda Beja – Wazithwalizono

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Here's an amazing song and music lyrics from the talented musician and renowned gospel global vocalist, ““. It's a song titled “Wazithwalizono“, from the album Jesu ‘lidwala, and was released in 2019. This beautiful song, accompanied by a stunning music video, audio, and lyrics, is sure to captivate listeners of all ages. Don't miss out on this beautiful musical experience.

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Wazithwal'izono Yesu
Zono Yesu (Zingezono Zakho)
Walihlawula (Walihlawul'ityala Yesu)
Lingetyala (Lingetyala lakho)

Oh sithi wazithwala (Wazithwal'izono Yesu)
Zono Yesu (Zingezono Zakho)
Walihlawula (Walihlawul'ityala Yesu)
Lingetyala lakho (Lingetyala lakho)

Oh wena wawungumntu (Wawungumntu)
Wawungumntu (Onentsizi)
Onentsinzi (Ungemoni wena)
Laphalala (Laphalal'igazi lakho)
Weee (Uyingcwele wena)

Haibo siyaxolelwa (Sixolelwa siphiliswa)
Siphiliswa (Ngezontlungu zakho)
Siyahlanzwa (Siyahlanjwa ezonweni)
Ngale logazi lakho (Ngelo gazi lakho)

Laphalala gazi lakho (Laphalal'igazi lakho)
Weee (Uyingcwele wena)
Laphalala igazi lakho (Laphalal'igazi lakho)
Weee (Uyingcwele wena)

Yebo yebo laphalala gazi lakhe (Laphalal'igazi lakho)
Ngcwele ngcwele (Uyingcwele wena)
Laphalala gazi lakhe (Laphalal'igazi lakho)
(Uyingcwele wena)

Laphalala gazi lakho (Laphalal'igazi lakho)
Ngcwele ngcwele (Uyingcwele wena)
Laphalala laphalala (Laphalal'igazi lakho)
Oh (Uyingcwele wena)

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