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Lord’s Child – Camp

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Here’s a song by the Global prolific music artist and talented singer and rapper “Lord’s Child“. This song is titled “Camp” featuring Montell Fish & Antoine Bradford, as it was released alongside its video.

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Lyrics: Camp by Lord’s Child

[Verse 1: Montell Fish]
My momma’s taking me to camp
She told me that I’m lukewarm
I said, “Momma, watch me dance”
I can do it with my shoes off
Then I looked deep in the glass (In the glass, in the glass)
What have I done wrong?
Maybe I’m lukewarm
It’s time for Camp Lukewarm (Ah)
I just don’t know
Where I went wrong
Here’s my heart
Have it all, God
I lost sight
Halfway lost my mind (Almost lost that, what it cost? Almost lost that)
Camp Lukewarm
Mmm-mmm (It’s time for me)

[Verse 2: Antoine Bradford & Montell Fish]
I feel lost
I wandered away
My mind’s racing
And I need saving
Can You hear me
From where I am?
Lord, I need You
To take my hand
‘Cause I don’t wanna be lukewarm (Oh-ooh)
I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be
Like Your son
‘Cause He died
To set me free (By Your grace)
Thank You, Jesus, thank You, Jesus
I believe

[Outro: Montell Fish]
Now welcome you to Camp Lukewarm (And I return)
This is a place where we will return to our first love (To my first love)
We will learn to seek Jesus again
A lot of us have become lukewarm (To You, Jesus)
And I’m glad we came to summer camp today (To You)
Because this is the place where we will be restored
It is gonna be a fight to come back to God (And I return)
But let’s do this, we can do this (To my first love)
Camp Lukewarm (To You)

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