Gospel Global Lil Harold – Good Times

Lil Harold – Good Times

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Here's a song by the Global prolific music artist and talented singer ““. This song is titled “Good Times” featuring Offset, as it was released alongside its video. You'll also be blessed.

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Lyrics: Good Times by

[Intro: Lil Harold]
Woah, damn
Yeah, yeah
Woah, woah
Yeah, yeah
Woah, woah
Yeah yeah, yeah
Hmm-mm, yeah
Hmm-mm, yeah
Hmm-mm, yeah
[Chorus: Lil Harold]
I had good times (Yeah, 21)
Get out with the bad times (Yeah, 21)
Shit, don't scrape nothin' (Yeah, 21)
I got this K down (Yeah, 21)
We was baggin' bitches at the store (Huh?)
[?] for the low (Say what?)
[?] for the ho (What?)
He was gangsta back then but he told (Pussy)

[Bridge: Lil Harold]
Pussy, lil' brat
Know he remind of skank
Here, skate to the courtroom

[Verse 1: Lil Harold]
I make a lot of money with the rushes (The rushes)
I rob a nigga down if he try shit (Try shit)
Just let mе know when you packin' (Bitch)
It's touchdown, and it's up, shit
I don't think a nigga wanna see me with the fully
Think a nigga rap now, bеtter boobie, boobie
Make a nigga sit down on this rubber cushion
Nigga try [?]
I'm a black [?] fuck a stand off
He a broke nigga flexin' with his hand down (What?)
I like a hood rat bitch with a big mouth (21)
I'm a rich ass nigga and my dick tall
I'm out the hood, bitch (Yeah)
It's all good, bitch
We smoke [?]
Yeah, bitch
[Bridge: Lil Harold]
Yeah, we smoke good now, bitch, in 2022
Got my money up
Lil' bitch
Two times, run that two times
Two times
Two times, two times

[Verse 2: Offset]
Smoke, we inhalin' that (Smoke)
And I stay with that [?] like a quarterback
Hundred boats with my gang, I had ordered that (Ordered that)
We was post on the block, we [?] that (Post on the block)
Got millions like literally (Hey)
Wish a nigga would try belittle me (Come try)
Still had dreams when they killed my man Pistol Pete (Pistol)
I'm a fiend to this money, I gotta eat (I gotta eat)
If I call you my brother, don't lie to me (My brother)
If I'm wrong, if I'm right, nigga, ride for me (Ride)
Mama prayin', that night, she gon' cry for me (Mama)
Meet my grandma right now, why she die on me? Why she die on me?

[Interlude: Offset]
Know everybody go through some shit, you know what I'm sayin'?
It's about how you face that motherfucker when you goin', you know what I mean?
I ain't going
[Verse 3: Offset]
That's facts (That's facts now)
Keep a set but had the bulletproof ?
I like 'em gutter, a little boogie with the ratchet (I like 'em gutter)
When we shootin', it's a fully automatic (It's a fully)
I be coolin', fuckin' up the fashion (I be coolin')
I'm alludin', the police gotta catch me (I gotta go)
I'm not the shooter, payin' for the [?]
Draco get to singin', Toni Braxton (Hey)

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