African Gospel Songs King Kaka – Explain

King Kaka – Explain

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A soul-lifting song from the African Christian/Gospel worshipper, minister, and song writer ““, as He calls this song “Explain“, as it was born from the collection called 2nd Life, and was released in 2023. This amazing and inspiring track is a must listen for any music lover. With its message and captivating melody, “Explain” is an addition to any playlist. Whether you want to download the mp3 watch the video or sing along with the lyrics, “Explain” is undeniably a song that will deeply touch the hearts of everyone who encounters it.

Artist Name:
Mp3 Song Title:Explain
Album:2nd Life
Year of release:2023

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Explain Lyrics by King Kaka

Vile God anacome through siwezi explain, siwezi explain
Anafanya ninado things siwezi explain, siwezi explain
Zile blessings anashower siwezi explain, siwezi explain
Come through kama kawa siwezi explain, siwezi explain
Vile vitu zinaenda msee huku ni wapi?
Mi hukusho huyo msee ni illuminati

Nataka nipewe kanemi, ubei kadhani
Lead ka Mose na niserve Khamad, wawa, sijui ka unanipata
Believe ka Mary, fight ka Davi I mean, bado nidance ka yeye
Itisha verse gani aisee! Yamopere
Somesha couple, be the candle, above all nipende ka Yesu

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