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Joyous Celebration – Ghana Chant

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Here's another live performance by the South African Christian music praise team “Joyous Celebration“ titled “Ghana Chant”, as this song was performed live at the CityHill Church, Durban in 2017 from their 2020 released praise album. You'll be blessed after listening to this song.

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Lyrics: Ghana Chant by

Wose wo p3 praises,
Wose wo p3 praises,
Praises na wo b3 nya

O-hen O-re-ba-o O-hen O-re-ba-o, O-hen O-re-ba-o
O-sa-ba-ri-ma-ee Yesu na Oreba oo (eei eei)
Obeba abe fa yen (oo eei eei)

O-be-ba a-befa yen na y'a-ko di e-hu-ru- si
Ye ne no be t'na daa eeieei

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