Gospel Music South Africa Gospel Songs Joyous Celebration – Bawo Ndixolele

Joyous Celebration – Bawo Ndixolele

Joyous Celebration Phindukhulume

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Here’s another live performance by the South African Christian music praise team whose songs have always been a blessing to lives “Joyous Celebration“ titled “Bawo Ndixolele”, as this song was performed live.

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Lyrics: Bawo Ndixolele by Joyous Celebration

Bawo Ndingumntwana waKho, Noko ndonileyo
(Father I am your child, though I’ve sinned)
Ndiya lila phambi kwaKho, Bawo Ndixolele
(I cry before you, forgive me father)

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Bawo Ndixolele, Bawo Ndixolele
(Forgive me Father)
Bawo, Bawo Ndixolele
(Father forgive me)

Iziphoso zam zininzi, Azinakubalwa;
(My sins are many, they cannot be counted)
Noko ndibekise kuwe, Bawo Ndixolele
(I still look to you, forgive me Father)

modimo re boka wena
God we praise you
modimo re boka a wena
God we praise you

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tsohle di yentswe ke wena
Everything is created by you
modimo re boka wena
God we praise you

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