Music Video & Lyrics Joshua Baraka – Dalilah II

Joshua Baraka – Dalilah II

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The Ugandan music artist whose unique blend of musical genres has set him apart in the new generation of artists in Uganda, presents to us a compelling song, as this masterpiece is titled “Dalilah II“, in collaboration with the esteemed music artist “Simi, Qing Madi and Axon“. This track, released in 2024 , is a captivating and inspirational addition to any music enthusiast's collection. The tune “Dalilah II” carries a powerful message and a mesmerising melody, making it a must-listen for all. Feel free to stream the mp3, watch the video, and sing along to the heartfelt lyrics.

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Adding to the uniqueness of this song is the collaboration with the acclaimed and award-winning music artist Simi, Qing Madi and Axon. Their combined talents has truly brought “Dalilah II” to life, creating a musical masterpiece.

Song Lyrics: Dalilah II by

[Intro: Joshua Baraka]
This love was real till it wasn't real
Ayo, AXON, you see them gyal [?], uh

[Verse 1: Joshua Baraka, Qing Madi]
Falling in love is too easy
Staying in love is the tricky part
Didn't know that I would walk away (Ooh, ooh)
And love made me blind
Couldn't read the signs
I really thought that this was for life
Growing up with you by my side (Yeah, yeah)
Qing Madi, tell them say

[Verse 2: Qing Madi, Joshua Baraka]
Hope you can see the peace inside me (Inside me)
It's not because of you (Not because of you)
Hope you know dey follow me dey talk or whine me (Whine me)
Baby I don dey move I don dey go
Everything wey you do me, I learnt my lesson (Learnt my lesson)
And hopefully, you coulda paid o
On my bed when you used to hold me (You should hold me, hold me)
I have already seen my baby wey l overdose
My tinin darling, girl, you should know when I no dey for you
Shey I carry big daddy, yeah
Shey you get big dally (Oh)
‘Cause when the night comes closer
I go wish you closer
Hmm, no
[Chorus: Joshua Baraka]
Dalilah, Dalilah, baby
I'm not coming home
No more no more shawty
Dalilah, Dalilah, baby
I'm not coming home
No more no more shawty
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 3: Simi, Joshua Baraka]
Every morning, tussling and turning
‘Cause you are really, really not coming (Really not coming)
No be small thing I dey use talk these words
But two wrongs cannot make a right (Let her know)
Put am for my personal file (File)
But I can't let you out of my life (My life)
You driving me out my mind (Driving me out of my mind)
Don't you remember when I kiss your body, oh? (Body, oh)
You say you never leave me for nobody, oh (Body, oh)
Please don't leave me lonely, ahh
Lonely, ah (Ah, baby)
Put you on lockdown (Oh yeah)
Call me a jailer
I know go free you
You are not Mandela
Take a minute, we can talk about it later
Don't give up on me yet
[Chorus: Joshua Baraka, Simi]
Dalilah, Dalilah, baby (Baby, come home to me)
I'm not coming home
No more no more shawty
Siliwuwo (I will do anything, anything, anything, yeah)
Dalilah, Dalilah, baby
I'm not coming home
No more no more shawty (We could try this again)
Siliwuwo (Let it shine, baby)
Yeah, yeah

Ayo, AXON, you see them gyal [?], uh

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