Motivation and Inspiration Jordan Feliz – Somebody Loves You

Jordan Feliz – Somebody Loves You

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Here's a song by prolific ministers and contemporary worship leaders, as this song speaks about the mercy that God has made available for us, HIS children, when we pray. This song is titled “Somebody Loves You” by Jordan Feliz.

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Lyrics: Somebody Loves You by Jordan Feliz

Feeling insecure
Like you just might shatter
And you're still not sure
If you really matter

All the wounding words
That you hear so often
But the silence hurts
Cause you feel forgotten

When the world won't
Give your heart a home
(You) may be lonely
But you're not alone

Somebody loves you more than you know
Loved you enough to lay His life down
Somebody loves you He's not letting go
Everything changes when you find out
Somebody loves you

What if God Himself
Wouldn't live without you
Heaven knows you well
Cause He talks about you

You are on His mind
You're a gift He treasures
Made the earth and sky
But He likes you better

When it seems like
You've been cast aside
Don't it feel so
Good to realize

Let it be the air your heart can breathe
Let it be the truth your soul believes
Let it wash every lie away
Let His scars tell you everyday… somebody loves you

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