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Jo BABS – Mighty Kiibati

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Here’s a song by the Nigerian Christian music minister and fast-rising praise worship leader “Jo BABS” whose song has been a blessing to live. The song is titled “Mighty Kiibati“. It’s a song which was produced by TJ BEENIE.

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Jo babs whose real name is JAMES OLUWASEGUN BABATUNDE AIYEGBUSI is an original black man, a passionate and gifted singer with great quality and vision to make a great difference in his cross-cultural style of worship and praise that fuses the elements of gospel, Afro-beat, fuji, highlife, Raggae, Hip hop—–

He expresses his unique style as a worship and praise leader in varying capacities and he is popularly known as the writer and performer of a song titled ‘’NEXT LEVEL” featuring a renown saxophonist ‘’,” produced and directed by “T. Frizzle “at H20 studio 14 years down the line.

His uniquely distinctive for singing has led him not only singing in churches but even at events

Lyrics: Mighty Kiibati by Jo Babs

Oh ——–
Glory to you God
Atabatubu eledumare
The one that can do great and mighty things
Omalicha chukwu
Ranka dede seriki nduniya
Here we are in your presence
Show yourself strong

Manifest yourself in me
Sovereign mighty kiibati
Nothing is too hard for you
You’re the great and mighty God

Kiibati ,kiibati
Sokale wa se temi
Sokale wa se temi
(Repeat by BGV)

Kiibati ———-kiibati
Sokale wa se temi
Sokale wa se temi
Olori aye o ———- (chorus)
Gbani Gbani lojo isoro
Lojo ogun le
Eru jeje ti n migbo kijikiji o
Ataiye ro bi ajere
Atoba jaiye o, baba mimo o
Sokale ee baba wa se ee temi

Sovereign one lord
That’s what you are
Almighty God that is your name
Uh uh uh the great I am
The lamb upon the throne
Please come now and take your place
Oh oh oh oh oh oh —————- (chorus)
Sovereign one

Yeah ———————–
Uhm ——— I could never sing your song ohhh
I’m only privilege lord
To come into your presence lord
Come right now Lord
Come right now Lord

Kiibati kiibati
Sokale wa se temi
Sokale wa se temi
Oh oh oh oh oh ——– (chorus)
Oh Lord you are royalty
You Lord
You are everything, everything Lord
Oh oh oh oh oh ———-
Oh Lord you reign in all the earth now
sokale wa se temi
Oh sokale wa se temi

You’re the sovereign God
sokale wa se temi
sokale wa se temi

My sovereign God —————— (chorus)
I need you ——— yeah
I need you right now
Let your glory fill this place
Let your anointing fall on me
Let your power move in this place

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Contact: 08133202038

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