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JAY1 – Sunday Service

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The British rapper and songwriter who is from Coventry but is of Congolese ancestry, presents to us a compelling song, as this masterpiece is titled “Sunday Service“. This track, released in 2024 , is a captivating and inspirational addition to any music enthusiast's collection. The tune “Sunday Service” carries a powerful message and a mesmerising melody, making it a must-listen for all. Feel free to stream the mp3, watch the video, and sing along to the heartfelt lyrics.

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Mp3 Song Title:Sunday Service
Year of release:2024

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Song Lyrics: Sunday Service by JAY1

Look, hella force up in my head is kinda messing up my mind
But I gotta stay strong every day is another fire
I admit that I'm a sinner but I'm looking for the light
Saw an angel in my dream and he said it would be alright, JAY
I can't lie I've got a headache
Focused on the music and it's been about a decade
You're looking for the answers you won't find out on the telly
Just open up your Bible and pray

I feel down some days I can't describe it
Feeling kinda empty some days I don't mind it
Jesus Christ is gonna come back, it's all timing
So I ain't really bothered by this life thing
The devil is a trick I'm holding a stick of cross
I'm passing every single test now I'm reaching the boss
The devil tried to tear my soul had me thinking I lost
Then I got up on my feet and put trust in my God

Jesus, oh Jesus, set me free, set me free
Jesus, oh Jesus, set me free, set me free

I thank God for all the trials that he put me through
When I was down you're the one that I was looking to
I can't lie most times I thought I was alone
If you're going through the same just call up my phone
And I'll tell you everything will be blessed
Don't think about your problems, don't worry about stress
Don't worry about your debt, more time is a test
Just focus on the blessings, gotta deal with the rest

I thank GICC for all the things that they done for me
No church then it would've been done for me
Prayer was a struggle now I'm doing that comfortably
If I miss the service big sis will be onto me
It feels good man I'm finally seeing the light
It was hard every day was a different fight
Well, the hate in the world could be feeding the prayer
Now I'm focused on the scripture I'm praying to Christ

Jesus, oh Jesus, set me free, set me free
Jesus, oh Jesus, set me free, set me free
Jesus, oh Jesus, set me free, set me free
Jesus, oh Jesus, set me free, set me free

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