Universal Gospel Jane Itumbi – Twikutaia Ngai

Jane Itumbi – Twikutaia Ngai

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Kenyan gospel artist (worshipper) and song writer, , comes through with a song called “Twikutaia Ngai“, and was released in 2024. This amazing and inspiring track is a must listen for any music lover. With its message and captivating melody, “Twikutaia Ngai” is an addition to any playlist. Whether you want to download the mp3 watch the video or sing along with the lyrics, “Twikutaia Ngai” is undeniably a song that will deeply touch the hearts of everyone who encounters it.

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1) Twĩkũtaĩa Ngai
Na ngoo sitũ syonthe;
Kwondũ wa Mwana waku,

Na nthakame yake,
Nĩyetĩkie nthĩ,
Nĩwathĩniw'e mũno


Nĩtũtaĩa syĩtwa yaku
Na makanywa na ngoo
Watũmie Mwana waku.
Atũne ũvoo

2)Kyeni kyaku Ngai,
Nĩkĩkenaa mũno;
Ngoonĩ sitũ ve kyeni,
Vati kĩvindu.

Wendo waku Ngai
Nĩ mũnene mũno
Nĩwatumisye ithyĩ
Naĩnĩ sitũ.

Halleluyah, amen

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