Christian HYMNS I Heard A Forest Praying (Mp3 & Lyrics) – Hymn

I Heard A Forest Praying (Mp3 & Lyrics) – Hymn

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Here's a beautiful Hymn by the well-known prolific hymn writer, as this Hymn has been a blessing to lots of lives since it was brought to the world. The hymn song was performed by Johnny Mathis.

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Lyrics: I Heard A Forest Praying ()

I heard a forest praying
The trees were cold and bare.
What was the forest praying?
Let me repeat their prayer.

Trees make a playground for children
Trees hide a lovers lane.
Shelter the tired and the weary,
Bringing them hope again.

Man turned the fields and the forest
Into a battlefield grim.
Men took a tree, an innocent tree
And made a cross for Him.

I heard a forest praying.
I heard the heavens weep.
Just as the dawn was breaking,
And night was gone to sleep.

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