Gospel Music Foreign and International Gospel Songs Hulvey – This Pain We Feel (Mp3 & Lyrics)

Hulvey – This Pain We Feel (Mp3 & Lyrics)

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The eminent Hip-hop artist who does Rap & sings ‘Hulvey‘ from Rapzilla releases an amazing song, as He titles this song ‘This Pain We Feel’. Song is available for streaming and download on all platforms.

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Lyrics: This Pain We Feel by

[Verse 1]
I ain’t gonna lie
All my life I saw other things nobody saw on this side
Young white kid up in Brunswick High
I’m just tryna shine this light
It’s sad people that look like me shoot a black man on sight

And then justify it as right
I’m reevaluating my life, a lot whole of things I’m feelin’
A whole lot of pain we feelin’, uh
Rebel flags on the back of trucks while they listen to Kodak, uh
Urban culture gettin’ whitewashed in a week, bet you ain’t know that
So many folks all around the world just askin’ where the hope at
Yeah, yeah, I used to sit in the church pews, listen to church views
I was mad at the church too, it’s crazy what words do, huh

Maybe all this pain that we feel
Is pain You can heal
No-no, no-no, yeah
Maybe all this pain that we feel
Is pain You can heal

[Verse 2]
Real talk, we gotta choice
We gotta voice
We gotta hop out the crib, speak truth in the midst of the noise, uh
Real world full of real pain

Everybody want peace, uh, Christ really got the real thing
Some folks feel all alone, tryna find the beauty in the
Some folks can’t walk out the home, they fear they gon’ get shot down again
It’s scary, we mourning right now
I know everybody waiting on the morning right now
A lot of powerful words I hope we not performing right now
This is way more than a verse and chorus right now
God be with Ahmaud’s family and friends
Let my heart speak with this paper and pen

Maybe all this pain that we feel
Is pain You can heal
Holy Spirit be with
Maybe all this pain that we feel
Is pain You can heal
Oh-oh, oh-oh

God, I just pray for Ahmaud’s family, friends, for the community of Brunswick, and the country of the United States. I pray we would just trust you right now and seek after you and learn how to love like you and learn how to love our neighbors and treat them as we would treat ourselves. In Jesus’ name, amen

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