Gospel Music Foreign and International Gospel Songs Hulvey – 912 Tap In (Interlude)

Hulvey – 912 Tap In (Interlude)

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The eminent Hip-hop artist who does Rap & sings ‘Hulvey‘ from Rapzilla releases an amazing song, as He titles this song ‘912 Tap In (Interlude)’ from the Reach Records team. The song is from Hulvey’s 2021 released album which he called Christopher.

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Lyrics: 912 Tap In (Interlude) by Hulvey

Like, where the love go?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hoo!
Yes, uh
Whole lot of 912 motion
Whole lot of south Georgia here
You know what I’m sayin’
Whole lot of south Geo’, south Geo’
We need that, you know?
Got to have some of that in your heart
Can’t even believe more what got y’all feelin’ like that, though
Carryin’ all that jealousy like that?
Killin’ all, ey, no, just carryin’ all that remix
Wha-what’s up, what you, what you carryin’ that remix for?
You was wit’ me earlier?
What’s happenin’?
But, uh, heh, it be like that sometimes, man
That way you got to love and grace, you hear me, got to love and grace, though
But I’m really, I’m really happy y’all tuned in on this tape, though
You know, there’s a whole lot of world class grace on this album, you know
Whole lot of that, so
Y’all sit back, man, and relax, man, there’s a whole lot more in store for that
Hmm, enough about me
He gon’ bless ’em for more, hee
Y’all layin’ for me, lays ’em

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