DEVOTIONAL How Do Pastors / Prophets / Ministers / Make Their Money

How Do Pastors / Prophets / Ministers / Make Their Money

You’ve been wondering and thinking, How does that Pastor make His money? Or You plan on starting up Your own church but you’re confused about how you might feed. Well, today we’ll be talking about how Pastor, Leaders, Reverend, Church Ministers make their money.

Some pastors are Super rich, while some are average rich, and then again you’ll still find the ones that find it hard to care for their family. Let’s give You a list below of how your Pastor could have make so much money or an idea for pastors out there who needs to take care of thing with money both in Church and indoor needs.

Some Sell BOOKS & DVD’s

Some pastor get inspiration from the Holyspirit to write books, while some are intellects with experience to write, publish and market them either in the Church, The Book Market or sell them personally. They make extra income from the message which was recorded during the service either in Mp3 format or Video Format and the sell them.

Some Collect Salary From The Church

The church pays the Pastor a voluntary money for appreciation or for the good work done. This same money can be used to fix things in the church I.e Building, Church supplies, paying other units in the church etc This is the most way pastors get to make their money.

Gift From Members

Okay, so You’re a member of a particular church, and then you’re ready to marry, You find that wife or husband, fix the date and all, You most definitely cannot join yourselves right? You need a pastor to join you both and by default You really can’t let the pastor go without a token of appreciation (just an example). This implies to other events too where members of the church have a particular celebration or event that requires a pastors Blessing e.g Naming ceremonies, Weddings, Burial and many other.

Some Do Business or Are Employed

You’ll still pastors who do regular or normal secular jobs that is, they are employed while some own businesses outside the Church affairs.

Receives Money After A Particular Breakthrough

So, someone was healed from a particular ailment or got a breakthrough and was happy about it, He or She decides to appreciate the pastor with a token or huge money depending on His or Her status (money wise).

So, the above list are the most way a Pastor/Preacher can make money.


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