Universal Gospel Hollow Coves – Let’s Go

Hollow Coves – Let’s Go

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The independent band from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The band consists of two members, Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins and is called , comes through with a song called “Let's Go“, as it was born from the collection called Nothing to Lose, and was released in 2024. This amazing and inspiring track is a must listen for any music lover. With its message and captivating melody, “Let's Go” is an addition to any playlist. Whether you want to download the mp3 watch the video or sing along with the lyrics, “Let's Go” is undeniably a song that will deeply touch the hearts of everyone who encounters it.

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Let's go around the world
Just you and me we could see it all

Let's go and live our dream
Just you and me through an open door

Live life to the full

Can we try and find a way
To that place we've seen in magazines
Let's see if there's something more
Something beyond all these city walls

Live life to the full
What are we waiting for
Just you and me forevermore

Let's go around the world
Just you and me we could see it all

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