Christian HYMNS Great Our Joy As Now We Gather (Mp3 & Lyrics) – Hymn

Great Our Joy As Now We Gather (Mp3 & Lyrics) – Hymn

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Here’s a beautiful Hymn by -known prolific hymn writer, as this Hymn has been a to lots of lives since it was brought to the world. The hymn song was performed by Channel.

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Lyrics: Great Our Joy As Now We Gather (Christian Hymn)

Verse 1:
Great our joy as now we gather
Where the Master makes us one:
Where we worship God the Father
Thro’ the Spirit of His Son.
All who search for His church
Find it where His will is done.

Verse 2:
Precious is the tie that binds us
To our God when faith grows cold;
Precious all that now reminds us
He is still our safe stronghold.
love serves to prove
Here the Shepherd has His fold.

Verse 3:
May we learn from Christ’s example
How to use this house of prayer:
He who loved and cleansed His
Wants us all to worship there.
God the Son shuts out none:
In His kingdom all may share.

Verse 4:
Lord, inspire us with Your vision
Of a world which must be won!
Glorious is the church’s mission,
Long endeavoured, scarce begun!
now – this is how
God’s eternal will is done.

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