Universal Gospel Gedeon Byiringiro – Urubanza

Gedeon Byiringiro – Urubanza

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The exceptionally talented Rwandan musician presents to us a compelling song, as this masterpiece is titled “Urubanza“. This track, released in 2024 , is a captivating and inspirational addition to any music enthusiast's collection. The tune “Urubanza” carries a powerful message and a mesmerising melody, making it a must-listen for all. Feel free to stream the mp3, watch the video, and sing along to the heartfelt lyrics.

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Because of the sin, I had the judgment
my creator was my swift witness
It was impossible for me to win the case
Because what I was accused of was true/Because the charges against me were true
I wondered how I would stand before Him
Having nothing to defend myself with
I was waiting in great fear
For the verdict that would come from that case

I lost without a trial
Because the sins condemned me
The Lamb of God said,
“I will die for you”
That's how I won the case

II. The Son of God came to this world
He took on the nature of man
And lived the life of a man
His primary goal was to save me
The glory and honor He had
He saw it was not something to cling to
GOD THE SON became man
To redeem me

He did not consider who He was
He left everything and loved me
I, a sinner worthy of destruction
He was crucified in my place

III. He was crucified on the tree of the cursed ones
He oppressed by those He came to save
And my sins, however great
He nailed them to the cross
The cup of God's wrath
My beloved drank it all
The suffering due to the son of man
MY KING finished it all then

There was an exchange
I gave Him my sins
He gave me everlasting righteousness
That's how I became innocent

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