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Gary LeVox – All I See

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The American singer and songwriter, who is known for being the lead vocalist of the contemporary country-pop trio Rascal Flatts “GARY LEVOX” as he comes through with a song titled “All I See” featuring Breland.

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Lyrics: All I See by Gary LeVox

I admit that I was selfish
I was running with the wrong crowd back home
Everything the world could offer
Couldn’t do a thing to save my lost soul
And my days were as dark as the night

It was hard to see you
My eyes were on me
I was in my own way
Lord set me free
’cause I wanna do right
But I fall short
Sometimes I don’t feel
Like I’m even yours

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Take this phone and this home
And the cars and the bars
And every thing
That I don’t need

Focus my eyes lord
’til you’re all I see

How can I forget you lord
When you were the first love I’d known
(oh lord, oh lord)
Wish that I had never left you, oh
’cause I couldn’t do it on my own
And my days were as dark as the night

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Oh help me focus my eyes lord

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