Universal Gospel FKB Duke – Perspective Of Life

FKB Duke – Perspective Of Life

FKB Duke - Perspective Of Life

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Here's an amazing song and music lyrics from the talented musician and renowned global rapper, ““. It's a song titled “Perspective Of Life“, and was released in 2024. This beautiful song, accompanied by a stunning music video, audio, and lyrics, is sure to captivate listeners of all ages. Don't miss out on this beautiful musical experience.

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Lyrics: Perspective Of Life by Manafest

is on the building ‚yeah! this's another section ,okay!
This are my flows, yeah! Karspal mix yeah! Fkb is on the beat, yeah!

Rap 1
Nigba ti mo broke odabi pe oju mi ma break
Hissing at last of deceived word are fake
Tibasun moman dream pe mo swim in the lake
Tawon niggas balo party yea mokin dance mokin break
As a rapper Moma dupe preofe olohun oro enumi kokin waste
Some occasion won denied acceptance layman tori koli fe give out cake
People hustle in the early days and the late

Kaa shise pelu fate
Awon Kan ni igbagbo awon kan oni igbagbo ko kin late
Aimoye promoters to tii insult awon artist lenu gate
Awon kan cry koni dine awon kan Lavish
Won maa down mood pelu ironu ko waa happy
Everyday la awon kan play ball bi obafemi Martins but koo si sponsor Government maa claim innocent that's fucking life
Nas okinse 50 cent,,
Ile aye ese mefa okoja 50 length guy never don't relent No be one day dangote se cement you leave you earn
Toba soro people mocking ile aye ese meta oro po to de en lobe, you know what it is Fkb duke is on the building.

Rap 2
Tobalowo lowo oniye enyan to maa sofuen pe oni life oniye oro timoti gbo but moli mind.
Toba rokan tawon eyan sofuen padi mi oli kind
Be working harder just keeping doing it, tori ko si time
Many day ojumi man deep tiba ronu monkin fine
No fucking case with shina rambo, kosi file
he just dey struggle hustle oju pon fisher man tori kosi wife
Such a life,the fucking foes their word are lies, fuck your eyes Awon promoter maa decieve wa tori n pe awon awon fe advertise

Nigba mi momaa high, Tiba romo to fine Moma shy
‘But otherwise” ‚one's struggle on a miles
But everything loni time
Ediye sunkun ayileyin Elephant olete
Eni to lobe koni rice, all your probs loke solohun lo mosque abi kolokesi Christ.
soon the clothe Genna dry my flow is running on a track
yahoo gees wa bose ma cash out everything fe ma flies every body wa bose maa steal the world is full of a dack, Take it back,life is very wild take a tight ojulalakan finsori move with your sight ” such a life The eyes perspective Otun dabi ice
Everyday mo ma flow everyday iyen bi christ ,mode flow everyday bayi” iyen bi nice “ahhn is your boy fkb duke is on the building , yeah!!!

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