Music Video & Lyrics Feven Yoseph – Sewer Fiqir

Feven Yoseph – Sewer Fiqir

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Here's an amazing song and music lyrics from the talented Ethiopian Professional Musician, ““. It's a song titled “Sewer Fiqir“, and was released in 2024. This beautiful song, accompanied by a stunning music video, audio, and lyrics, is sure to captivate listeners of all ages. Don't miss out on this beautiful musical experience.

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ጊዜ እንደሻማ እድሜ እንደሻማ መቅለጡ አይቀርም

ድንቅ ስጦታ ነው ከድንቅ አምላክ የተቸረን
ጊዜ የተሰኘው መክሊት የከበረ
ድንቅ ስጦታ ነው ከድንቅ አምላክ የተቸረን
ጊዜ የተሰኘው መክሊት የከበረ

የባከነውን ሃብት ስራ ዪተካዋል
የጎደለን እውቀት ጥናት ይሞላዋል
የጠፋ ጤንነት በፈውስ ዪመለሳል
የባከነ ጊዜ ለዘላለም ጠፍቷል

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