Motivation and Inspiration Fearless Soul – Good Things Take Time

Fearless Soul – Good Things Take Time

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Here's a new song from a new album by “Good Things Take Time” the song is titled “Good Things Take Time” written and Performed by Rachael Schroeder.

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Lyrics: Good Things Take Time by

Slowly making my way each day
Finding joy in every small moment
Don't know where I'll go,
all I really know is I am living true to me

Even when no one else understands
I'll keep dreaming, keep on growing
Turn my darkness into sunshine
I'll keep learning, keep on listening
To my heart ‘cause good things take time

Yeah good things take time
I'm creating my own journey
I am focusing on my own path
Taking chances never looking back

Even in my fear,
I keep walking through
I'm living fully no regrets

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