Trending Gospel Songs Eminem – Heaven (Mp3 & Lyrics)

Eminem – Heaven (Mp3 & Lyrics)

Eminem Heaven

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The renowned and brilliant gospel artist , comes through with a song called “HEAVEN” featuring the eminent music artist ““. He's not just an inspirational figure as an artist but as a person, too. He has overcome his own demons and proved to fans across the world that they can also self-improve. Through his music, ” has made a handful of tracks with motivational lyrics that have become some of his most beloved songs.

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What makes this song even more special is the collaboration with the acclaimed and award-winning music artist ““. Their skills behind the scenes have truly brought this song to life.

If You're a lover of good and great Gospel/Christian music, be it Afro Gospel or contemporary tune, then this song “Heaven” is a beautiful song that should lift your soul.

The song “Heaven” is a melody and tune that was written due to inspiration by the Holy Ghost, as this song was made to bless lives and build your faith in Christ the Lord. The beautiful lyrics, vocals, energy, and inspiration used in birthing this song will thrill you.

Song Lyrics: Heaven by Eminem


You made a list of people that you trusted
would you put your name down
do you know who you are?
when you look at life and you
talk about yours
do you feel proud?
are you leaving a Mark
or here to make a bad impression
so you just go hide in the dark
living and playing the part
no one regret will come
back up tomorrow

That's what it does
Ain't it don't know
what we're chasing
but we all do it
just a part of life
against we're all foolish
running after what
we think going make us happy
till it falls through
and then we find a later
it what we wanted
so we give up on it
then we buy the garbage
and we watch it grow
and find it drug numb it
till we hit the point that we
can barely forget
am I motivated
is my musicated
would I be the same
if I was medicated?
even therapist say
I need medication
I avoid it though because
I'm scared to take it
am I the only one that has
a loaded gun
it's full of Doubtful memories
to overcome and I can
when they shoot at me
but i know truthfully
I like to load them
up and let them


To this day we remain
estranged that I ate it though
cause you ain't even
get to witness
your grand baby's growth
but I'm sorry Mama
for cleaning up my closet
at the time I was
angry rightfully
maybe so never meant
that far to take it though
cause now I know
it's not your fault
and I'm not making
jokes that song
I'm no longer playing shows
that I cringe every time
that's on the radio
and I think you're Nathan
being placed in our home
and all the medicine
you've edisoned have
I just wanted you to
taste your own
but now the medication's
taking over
in your middle space
deteriorating slow
and I'm way too old to
cry this shit is painful though
but ma forgive you so
does Nathan yo
all you did all you said you
did your best to raise us


You're all that i want
will you lay here in my arms
when i get home to
believe in heaven.

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