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DOWNLOAD MUSIC: William Murphy – Higher

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The eminent American gospel recording artist and pastor “William Henry Murphy III” who started his music career in 2005, also an award-winning singer blesses with a song, as He titles this one “Higher”.

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Lyrics of “Higher” by

I am going higher!
Aint gon’ let nothing stop me now.
The devil is a liar
Gonna get what God has spoken any how

[Verse 1:]
No more hesitation
Im’ma sieze the moment our god is here.
He’s here to elevate you
Just lift your hands and take it,
That’s what you do


[Verse 2:]
God’s already spoken
So I got to get my eyes on my prize (yeah)
I cannot lose my focus
So excuse me but I’m runnin (Oh My)


[Verse 3:]
I know I’ve got to go through
But it’s all a part of God’s perfect plan
So what I’m trynna tell you
Is after you’ve done all you can
You Just stand

[Chorus 2x]

I’ve got my joy back
I’ve got my Peace back
I’ve got my Swag back
Took it back

I Took it back [repeat]

Can’t no devil hell hold me down. I’ve got to go higher [4x]

I’ve got to go HIGHER [8x]

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