Gospel Videos DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Deitrick Haddon – Come Through

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Deitrick Haddon – Come Through

The amazing singer and award-winning songwriter “Deitrick Haddon” is here with this jam titled “Come Through” Mp3 download directly from the album “TIME (Truth Is My Energy), This song would surely be a blessing as You stream, download & share.

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Lyrics of ‘Come Through’ by

He’ll be a doctor in the sick room
He’ll be a lawyer in the courtroom
He’ll be your bread when you’re hungry, woo
Water when you’re thirsty
He will come through when you need a breakthrough, yeah
Just call and He’ll answer

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You know there ain’t no secrets (no secrets)
What my (what my) oh yeah (my God can do), woo!
Call him, He will come through

Oh yeah, woo!

You pay your bills when the rent’s due (rent due)
Don’t forget to tell a thank you
(God, hold onto me [?])
Yeah, holding on till I get my [?] through, oh

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(No secrets) yeah (what my) oh-oh-whoa (my God can do)
Oh (no secrets) oh-oh (what my) oh-oh-whoa (my God can do) yeah-yeah
(No secrets) oh Lord (what my) no secrets what God can (my God can do) do, yeah
(Call him, He will come through)

Lord have mercy
Come on up in here
Let’s have a [?] in here, oh

Jesus (Jesus)
[?] your best friend (Jesus)
Yes He will (Jesus)
Eh! (He will come through, He will come through)
Eh, eh, Jesus (Jesus)
You better learn how to call him (Jesus)
In the midnight hour (Jesus)
Yes (He will come through, He will come through)
Oh, Jesus (Jesus)
I wanna come through for you (Jesus)
Oh-oh, oh Jesus (Jesus)
(He will come through, He will come through)
Oh-oh-oh (won’t He come through?)
Oh-oh-oh (won’t He come through?)
See yeah (won’t He come through?)
Won’t He come through for ya (won’t He come through for ya?) eh!
Jesus, oh yeah

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Lord have mercy

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