Gospel Music Foreign and International Gospel Songs DOWNLOAD MP3: Shannon O’Hara – Motionless

DOWNLOAD MP3: Shannon O’Hara – Motionless

Download Motionless (Song) by Shannon O’Hara

Here’s the statement “Shannon” made below;

“We left the take in it’s raw form because we felt that it truly resonated with the heart of the song. This song means so much to me because it’s a part of my love story with the Lord. I wrote it when I was completely captivated by His presence. I was captured by the love and peace of God, and this song is a narration of that sweet moment with Him. I pray this song would minister to you, and usher you in to moments like this with Him every day.” – Shannon O’Hara

Lyrics of “Shannon O’Hara by Motionless

As I lay down to rest my bones
I feel you against me
I feel your touch, your tenderness
It overwhelms me
It rushes down the doors of my heart

Just to hear your voice
Just to feel your hands
Just to see your eyes as they glisten before me
I am motionless
I am captured in awareness of you
I am still
I am caught in love

You fill the air the atmosphere
Erupts with praise
I need you here
I feel you near me
Oh, my soul it burns for you, God
A song of joy comes from your heart

{Repeat Chorus}

l will reach up to you
I will reach up
I will reach up to you
I will reach up
I will reach up to you
I will reach up


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